History of Agroproteinka can be traced back to the middle of 1950’s, when Agroproteinka was founded as part of PIK Sljeme, and today’s Agroproteinka emerged from its rendering plant. When its capacity grew, the rendering plant was relocated from the centre of Sesvete to Sesvetski Kraljevec in 1986, where it has been situated until today. In 1987 Agroproteinka became an independent company, and started accepting animal by-products from all over Croatia, which led to subsequent growth of processing capacities by 50% in 1995. In the upcoming years several other crucial changes occurred in the rendering plant itself. In 2006 a new plant for managing Category 1 and 2 by-products was built. Co-financed by the IPARD program, three further collection sites were built near Pazin, Garčin and Grubišno Polje. Together with the already existing collection site at Biljane Gornje near Benkovac, a very efficient concept of complete solution was created, with the aim of shortening the time period between the creation of the by-product and the collection and subsequent processing of the by-product. Along with the investing in improvement of collection and processing, the company invested in environment protection by constructing a biofilter and biological waste water treatment plant. Agroproteinka has undergone several phases of change and development since it was founded, and we can proudly say that, according to the extent of its technological and ecological development, Agroproteinka is among the best in Europe.