Veterinary health protection

Agroproteinka has a major role in public health in the realm of prevention and control of infectious and parasitic diseases as well as in providing conditions for sustainable and safe food production, and we constantly improve our business activities and readily face all challenges and requests that the veterinary sector puts before us. In accordance to this, doctors of veterinary medicine and veterinary technicians hold important and responsible positions in the company, such as a board member, deputy director, production manager in the plant for thermical processing of animal by-products category 1, transport manager and shift manager. In that way an internal veterinary service is organized, which, among other tasks, undertakes the control of HACCP and control of veterinary regulations implementation, manages the work of the DDD Service (Disinfection, Disinsection and Deratisation), organises and supervises the preparation of bovine carcasses for sampling for TSE testing (Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy), identifies animal carcasses, removes and registers animal identification tags, controls the input and validation of delivered by-products in the application By-Products (a computer programme of State Veterinary and Food Safety Directorate designed for monitoring the traffic of animal by-products). In cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Croatian Agricultural Agency, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Croatian Veterinary Institute a transparent system with the highest European standards in the disposal of animal by-products has been created. In order to maintain those standards, Agroproteinka participates in educational and advisory conferences and readily cooperates with its business partners in matters of quality, proper sorting and collection procedures of animal by-products.