New web site

Agroproteinka d.d. presents its clients its new visual identity and a new web page. Since Croatia became a full member of the European Union on July 1, 2013, the change of the company’s visual identity followed shortly after that important event, which once again showed that we are a company ready to respond to the challenges that changes bring. We hope that this way we helped our clients to get the relevant information quicker.

Opening of a new collection site in Garčin

Agroproteinka opened a new collection site in Garčin on May 16, 2013, in which it will collect food loss and food waste from supermarket chains, slaughterhouse by-products and other animal by-products from the area of Brodsko-Posavska County and other neighbouring counties in Slavonija. Mr. Tihomir Jakovina, Croatian minister of agriculture, Ms Mirjana Mataušić-Pišl, assistant minister of agriculture, Mr. Mato Grgić, mayor of Garčin, were present at the opening ceremony, together with Mr. Ivica Grlić Radman, CEO of Agroproteinka, and representatives of government bodies and institutions, as well as representatives of food industry and trade.