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Agroproteinka is a modern Croatian company and a market leader in the ecological disposal of by-products of animal origin and biodegradable waste. We organise our operations according to the principles of circular economy. In three separate plants, we process animal and plant by-products, biodegradable and cooking oil waste  

We inherit a 60-year tradition of care for human and animal health and environmental safety. By processing by-products, we obtain raw materials for the production of pet food and raw materials for biodiesel or energy sources.

Our employees are esteemed experts always at the service to veterinarians, farmers, butchers, retail chains, restaurants, canteens and the general public. Our fleet of over 50 different specialized vehicles enables fast and timely response in the Republic of Croatia. Within our system, we have organized eco service that provides a 24-hour intervention, seven days a week.

In addition to the central location of our three processing plants in Sesvetski Kraljevec, we have built a network of collection points throughout Croatia in order to shorten the time from the creation of the by-product to its processing. Fresh raw materials are essential to our business, and we also wanted to provide our customers with quick disposal service in order to prevent the occurrence of unpleasant side effects of this type of material. In addition, by building a network of collection points, we met EU standards, which were one of the conditions for Croatia's accession to the European Union. With our facilities and technological development, we keep up with the most developed EU countries.

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The vision that Agroproteinka has nurtured for many years is to care for the health of people, animals and the safety of the environment. We realize our vision through concrete business actions: conscientious and fast disposal of generated by-products and waste and by acting according to the principles of sustainability within our processing plants. 

For this reason, we are constantly investing in new technologies and the expertise of our employees. We raise awareness of our employees and the wider community about the importance of caring for our environment. In our way of work, we support the concept of a circular economy, and by our example, we encourage others to do the same. 

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The history of Agroproteinka dates back to the 1950s when a rendering plant was established within PIK Sljeme, which grew into today's Agroproteinka. Due to the increase in capacity, the rendering plant was moved from the centre of Sesvete to its current location in Sesvetski Kraljevec in 1984. In 1987, Agroproteinka was separated from Sljeme and became an independent company. After Croatian independence, Agroproteinka began to take over by-products of animal origin from the entire country, which led to an increase in production capacity by almost 50% by 1995. In the years that followed, there were significant changes within the company. It went through several phases of development and renovation since its inception, and we can proudly say that today it is at the very top of Europe in terms of technological and environmental status



Many of our activities play a major role in public health due to the control and surveillance of infectious and parasitic diseases. The danger and risk to animal and human health due to inadequate care of dead animals are significant if there is no appropriate response and disposal system. Agroproteinka and its experts respond to all the requirements of the veterinary profession, and the internal veterinary service performs a number of services and processes developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Croatian Agricultural Agency, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Croatian Veterinary Institute. This is how a transparent system with the highest standards in the disposal of animal by-products was created. In order to maintain the standard of readiness, Agroproteinka participates in the work of numerous educational and advisory meetings and conferences.



In accordance with its commitment to sustainability, Agroproteinka is continuously investing in the modernization of its own facilities which are equipped with modern bio filters and wastewater treatment devices. We have two bio filters installed in our plants, and we have invested in the construction of a device for mechanical-chemical pre-treatment of wastewater as well as in a device for biological wastewater treatment according to the IPPC directive of the European Union. The biological device uses SBR (sequence batch reactor) technology, which enables a complete water purification system. A bio filter is a device that uses a waste air purification method in which microorganisms break down biodegradable substances found in the waste air. In this way, the emission of unpleasant odours can be reduced by as much as 98 per cent.

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As responsible members of our local community, we are fully aware that our responsibility does not end with just the protection of human health and the environment, but we strive to build a more active and successful society. That is why Agroproteinka supports a wide range of sports clubs, cultural events, charity activities and helps people in need. We take special care of poor children and victims of the Homeland War. From the above-mentioned activities, we can single out our endorsement of the first league handball club from Sesvete and the first league chess club from Sesvete, which is a legacy of Pik Sljeme. Eco-schools and environmental activities for the youngest have a special place in our activities. Therefore, we sponsor the eco-school of the Leptir (Butterfly) kindergarten from Sesvete and the Sesvete primary school. Through these activities, Agroproteinka lives within its community and demonstrates ethical and social sensibility, responsible business and responsible living. In this way, we show the most vital concern for the future of the community in which we operate.